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About Karen~KPC

What brought me to Cranial work...


My oldest Grandson brought me to CST~Cranialsacral Therapy over 18 years ago. He was born with a mis-shapped head (this is a very common thing that happens at birth). An infants head shape can cause many newborn issues which is a result from the tight quarters in utero and the birthing process. My grandson experience was ear infections on a regular basis.  

While visiting a massage therapist I was told about Cranialsacral Therapy...I was in and willing to try anything to get him help. Within three sessions she helped my Grandson immensely.  

The ear infections disappeared and to this day 17 years later he has no ear problems.


Through this experience I knew I need to learn this so I can help Children and their off I went on the next part of my journey...The licensing process in Massage therapy through East West Healing Arts here in Madison..


My involvement with the Internation Alliance of Healthcare Educators is a total commitment...My studies include:

  • Dr. Upledger's "CST"

  • Dr. Chickley's Lymphatic Dranaige`",

  • Dr. Jean Pierre Barral's "Visceral Manipulation" 

  • D`Ambrosio's "Total Body Balancing".

My current study is Jean Pierre Barrals "Neural Manipulation"


My belief is that continued education benifits my clients as well as myself for increased well being.  

I hold a Diplomat Certification with the Institute, which shows my solid commitment to the work of "CST" along with being a certified  teacher assistant for The Cranial curriculum.  

I also TA for Lymphatics with the Institute.


My Story...


As the Universe does and will work, I was given the biggest challenge of my life. While working in Corporate America (in the Health Care Industry) I sustained a traumatic brain injury. This I believe was given to me for two reasons see if I would walk my talk, and to understand and have compassion for those who are trying to heal.


With the blessings of my doctors and the help of my Cranialsacral Therapist "Lori...amazing woman"  I went from a person with a brain injury to a person who is recovering from a brain injury. At this point I am five years out from my injury, and have finally made it to recovery stage.  The journey has been complicated, but worth every day of it.  Looking back I can now smile on all the crazy things that my brain did to me and how I acted it out!  OMG...did I really do that???


Without Cranialsacral Therapy and or Manual Therapy and the will to survive I can not even imagine where I would be today.



On a personal note I have been studying Yoga for about 10 years and it is my second passion towards good health.  


While wondering around the Target exercise area, trying to figure out what to do for exercise...A DVD jumped out at me...  The Instructor was Seane Corn an internationally recognized yoga instructor.  I purchased her DVD and started watching it.  It took me about two weeks to get into it (I was coming from a place of inertia)...and then things took off.  (I was one of those people who said Yoga was too slow for me...HA).  

  • Yoga began to transform my life, and to this day still does!


Before I knew it I was taking class's with Seane at Yoga conferences...dressed in my scrubs... Once again...seriously?

As of today I have had the opportunity to study under some amazing internationally recognized instructors and I also have a personal practice here at home...

My currently practice is right here in Waunakee at Saphire Yoga (wearing yoga attire!).


Wherever you practice..."Just Do It" is an amazing way to strengthen and is a great path to transformation.  It will show you what your body and soul is in need of.  

The work I have done with my therapist has helped me in my Yoga practice in an amazing way!

  • Yoga and bodywork are like peanut butter and honey!


The other things I enjoy in life are...


  • Movement of many modallities, Dancing, Traveling, Water sports. 

  • Helping things grow in the Garden and creating awesome things in the Kitchen...  

  • My Daughter and two wonderful Grandsons!


Contact Karen at 


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