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My Favorite Links and More

The following are links to sites that I support in my lifestyle.  I am sharing them with you as they are good informational sites....

Contact Karen at 


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My inspiration to Yoga...

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I would like to thank the following for helping me to change what seemed to be impossible to the possible.  My works passion in true form. 


Charlotte...Thanks for helping me to find "Organic"

Bob...Thanks for seeing my space as a work of art.

Julie...Thanks for your out of the box visions.

Simon Bulders...Thanks for your vision for this space.


I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful place to share with those who will find me.  KPC

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I was also blessed with the help of the following very special people...


My Grandson Garett...who helped me pain stakenly paint and repaint till it was done.

My Daughter Christine...brought my rock wall to life. go to guy who helped me with all my finishing things.

Grant Parker...who allowed his session to be photographed.

Bed Bath and Beyond...for design help.

Nathan Bontrager...who built my one of a kind desk and framed my art work.


Thank you...

With Love~Light and Laughter...Karen


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