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A Total Body-Balancing Experience

My training in "CST" ~ Craniosacral Therapy has been through the “Upledger” Foundation" in West Palm Beach Florida.

The founder, Dr. John E. Upledger D.O., O.M.M brought Craniosacral Therapy to therapists around the world so we could be an integral part of the healing arts. 


  • My studies began with the Institute in 1999. I specialize in working with Children and accident victims. 

  • CST is the passion in my work...Studies include Diplomat Certified with the Upledger Institute.

  • The work is subtle and is done wearing loose fitted clothing.  The touch is very gentle. 


My body-work style has developed into an integration of four modalities...Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage`, Visceral Manipulation and  Neural Manipulation. 


Manual Therapy with a focus on "Total Body Balancing.”  KPC

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My Mission
  • To help babies integrate into their new family gracefully.

  • To help children work through ADD/
    ADHD so they can live their lives more clearly.

  • To help heal one heart at a time by holding that sacred place.

  • With Love~Light and Laughter!

Your Experience
  • Each experience is uniquely yours.  

  • By following the Cranial Rhythm we are guided to the restrictions in your body.

  • Your body will show us its natural ability to heal.

  • I am your facilitator.  I created  this space for you to approach your work.

  • My studies allow me to help guide you through the healing process.

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